Fletcher High’s Senators Leave School for State Semi-finals in Tampa…

…and cheering groups of friends, parents, and people who love Fletcher football  lined 3rd St. with handmade signs, to cheer them on as the bus carrying the team to tonight’s big game finally passed by.

For the first time, the Fletcher High School Senators Football team was advancing to the state quarter finals, held in Tampa.  Kickoff is at 7:00pm Friday night.

Their excited fans gathered along 3rd St. about an hour before the departure, waving purple-painted signs at passing cars, who answered merrily with friendly horn honks and waves.  It was big fun on the sidewalk, and a great moment for the beaches!  We were there to take it all in.



 All three of Jacksonville’s television stations were on hand for the football team’s departure for Tampa.

Some people waited in the parking lot at the bus boarding site and showed their support and excitement for the team as they boarded the bus.

Out on 3rd St., the excitement was palpable.  Groups of people – young and old – gathered to cheer the hometown football on as their bus to Tampa drove past.  They waited for more than an hour for the team to come by but used their time well – standing on the street, yelling and cheering to cars going past, who rewarded them with a similarly excited honk! of their horns.

Number 40’s number one fan!

So many fans!

Number 74 Lucas Fore’s fangirls, together with more team fans remind the passing cars that the Senators are on their way to the state semi-finals!

This guy’s got the east side of 3rd St. covered.

The children from Beaches Academy, whose teacher is the mother to one of the Fletcher Senators players, gathered on the sidewalk, each holding a letter that spelled, “Let’s Go Fletcher!”  They were mighty adorable.

More of Lucas Fore’s fans, and diehard Fletcher supporters line the street to cheer on the cars and wait for the passing bus, which was moments away in this shot.


The sidewalk fans get lots of satisfying replies from the passing cars, including the occupants in this one!

Finally, here comes the team bus with police escort down 3rd St., leaving town for the big game!

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  1. Art Shmina says:

    Did we win the state championship?

    • We are sorry to say that our Senators did not prevail however the school and community are very proud of them. The team advanced farther than it has ever gone in its football history! It was a thrilling season for players, fans, and people in the beaches community who are part of what we call Fletcher Nation!

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