Celebrating Hydrotion/Beach Bum: Quality Skin Care Products Made Fresh for You in Jacksonville Beach.

The Jacksonville Beach skin care and body products company Hydrotion/Beach Bum celebrated its first year in business, and The Beaches Online was there to celebrate.

We’ve used their products, we like them, and we think you will, too. Dr. Spring Behrouz is the scientist who developed the just-right combination of fresh, natural, and anti-oxidant ingredients with the proper balance of synthetics that really is necessary to create creams and lotions. She focussed her scientific research while studying for her doctoral degree on oxidative damage in age-related disorders. Then, she continued as a research scientist at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, where she worked with the world’s top geneticists to uncover hereditary modifiers of aging. HydrOtion was born when Dr. Behrouz decided to utilize natural remedies that have been scientifically proven to slow the signs of premature aging by protecting against oxidative damage while restoring skin health and youth.

She and her husband Andy Hill are passionate about their Jacksonville Beach business. They practice strict quality control of their production process so the products truly will be fresh when they arrive to their customers – whether they’re purchased online, or in person. Spring told us that it’s inevitable that skin care products have a shelf life; naturally we don’t really know just how long a jar of moisturizer has been packaged before we buy it from a department- or drugstore.

With Hydrotion: their skin care line is created to address our faces’ various and specific needs; and Beach Bum: the beachy-scented, yummy bath and body care line – we know we’re getting the freshest products possible because they are all created and packaged in Jacksonville!

They offer same-day delivery to the beaches area, and have a small showroom so customers may see and sample the products before deciding to buy. We’re fortunate to have them nearby, as Hydrotion and Beach Bum products have been selling really well on Amazon.com, but you can check them out in person.

Some of us at The Beaches Online are extremely particular about the kinds of skin and body products we like. We reserved judgment until we got our hands on the creams personally! Well, we’re happy to report that the line has pleased this very picky customer, and believe us, that’s an endorsement you don’t want to ignore.

But check it out for yourself. The company welcomes your phone call (800-618-4549) and will arrange for you to sample the products, so don’t be shy. We are all about supporting local businesses and spreading the word about the great finds we discover…and Hydrotion/Beach Bum is just that.

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  1. Jason Roadsin Garboznic says:

    I LOVE Hydrotion. What great products for the beach or for northerners coming to visit!

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