We Love Makeup: It’s in Our DNA

It’s just one of those things. We’ve loved make up since middle school, and we’ve become quite the connoisseur  with all our years of practice. We do it for ourselves; it’s not about impressing anyone.   We love the process, the experimenting, the texture, the fun.  We’re always looking for something new.

So naturally we’re excited to announce that our newest sponsor is a line of great makeup from a local company.  Ponte Vedra Beach’s Amy Lingenfelser’s gorgeous private line is called DNA Minerals.



While she was arranging its beautiful display – right in our home –  for us to view, touch, and photograph, we could barely keep the camera in our hands.  We were itching to forget photography, grab a couple of her excellent brushes (good brushes are essential!) and just start blending and brushing on these lovely, natural shades.  Yes, we did sample some of the goodies…more on that, later.



Here’s what the line is about.  DNA Minerals is a non-toxic, gluten-free mineral makeup,  skin care, and  wellness company that believes in creating perfect harmony between the makeup  we wear,  and  having healthy skin. The minerals are handcrafted to provide all women with the purest product on the market, free of bismuth, talc, perfumes, and dyes.   And we’re very attracted to the colors, textures, and variety of choices.



While we photographed Amy with her products,  our practiced eye sized up the offerings and we believe you’re  going to like it, too.  DNA Minerals is created for all  women regardless of skin type and complexion.  The quality is first-rate (we would know; we’ve been buying makeup from so many lines for so many years!)  and the price point is excellent.

Then she showed us her special line for teen girls called DNA Bella and … just try to keep your make-up loving girls away from this.  What we especially appreciate about it is its natural quality.  While we love make up,  we aren’t necessarily going for a made up look; nor do we want that for our daughters.  DNA Bella is designed to delight, and to highlight a girl’s natural self.    We like that.  It’s age-appropriate fare for our girls.


That adorable DNA Bella logo stitched onto a pair of black yoga pants on the teen display – incredibly cute!


We’re thinking that a Bella DNA Minerals party would be pretty awesome for  a girl’s birthday party with her friends!



Amy creates a lovely display of all DNA’s products in clients’ homes.  There, girls and woman gather to sample the goodies!  Amy knows her line and understands that no two faces are alike, and easily helps you find something suitable…if you need or want help.  Prefer to play with product on your own? No problem!  Her long, covered table with a softly glowing candle creates an inviting ambiance for sampling the wares.  The Bella line for the younger clients has its own display – everything is designed with sampling in mind.

We will be telling you more about this very cool line but for now we really want to say welcome Amy Lingenfelser’s DNA Minerals. Thanks for partnering with us, and we love that you’re a beaches-based company with a product we can get excited about!

After hosting Amy and DNA Minerals in our home, we feel comfortable endorsing her and encourage you to contact her yourself by clicking here – or get in touch with us and we’ll handle the introductions!



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