When the 49th Annual Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival  www.shrimpfestival.com kicks off tomorrow, an Atlantic Beach family will be well represented throughout the festival. Sisters Kathy and Mary Frosio and brother Al, along with his wife, Karin, all will be a part of the festivities in one way or another.

Kathy Frosio

The Frosios are life long beach residents who for over 40 years have had a major impact in the surfing community. Older brother Bob was a dominant force in the water at the old Atlantic Beach Pier before the Cloister Condominiums were ever built. Kathy went on to become one of the best female surfers in the line up anywhere the waves broke on the First Coast. And Al is known for his fluid style and now a stand up paddle enthusiast, they all still surf whenever there are waves. Mary was never bitten by the surfing bug, but her artistic talents are equal to sister Kathy and both will be sharing a tent in the Shrimp Festival Art Show in Fernandina on Saturday where they will be selling their paintings beginning at 9:00 am.  While Kathy( www.frosiostudio.com )works full time as an artist, Mary (www.frosioart.com)  still holds a corporate position and spends her personal time creating the paintings that have become all the rage in the Jacksonville Beach art community.

“Its really kind of funny,” Mary said. “Kathy is the most talented artist I have ever known, and she has been since I was just a little kid. But recently we spent some time together working on some art and she really helped me realize that I have some hidden talent as an artist as well! We have had a great time inspiring each other to new heights in our artistic endeavors.”

Al Frosio

Al, Karin and Ken Lorimier make up the musical trio of Not UnHeard, and they will be performing Saturday at Café Karibo,  27 North 3rd Street in Fernandina beginning at 11:00 am (www.cafekaribo.com). Not UnHeard has played virtually every venue on the First Coast at one time or another and the sweet, soulful sounds that they produce make anyone who has heard them literally want to seek out their performance schedule and go back for more. You can find their schedule, along with a few of their songs at www.notunheard.us.

Not UnHeard

When it comes to beaches icons, all of the Frosios fit into some category or another, but collectively the family is as beach royalty as they come! Having been present for over 40 years in the surf, art and business community its no small wonder that when you hear the name Frosio you know its all about the beach!

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  1. bob frosio says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for the article. If the Frosio’s are beach royalty Chriss is the queen. She is one of the best female surfers the area ever produced. As a matter of fact you should have seen her nose riding at the pier today. Bob

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