Free Tickets to Players Final Round!

If you want to see the final round of this year’s PLAYERS Championship but only have tickets to Thursday, Friday or Saturday, then you will definitely want to hear this news! The PGA TOUR is giving away tickets to Sunday’s final round to every person who spends $100.00 in merchandise in any of the on site mechandise tents.

Okay, so you’re saying to yourself, “that’s really not free…” but think about this:  you know it’s not really hard to spend a hundred bucks in the pro shop, especially out at the golf tournament. And Mother’s day IS this Sunday, so you could always buy a gift for mom and knock out two birds with one stone (please don’t report me to to PETA… it was a figure of prose).

And its not just a one time offer. Its a free ticket for every hundred bucks you spend all week. So do some back to school shopping, pre birthday and Christmas present buying, and while you’re running up that VISA go ahead and buy yourself something and bring the whole family out to enjoy the final round!

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