I had the pleasure of having some friends in from out of town recently and I wanted to treat them to some fresh local seafood and I pondered the possibility of going out to a local eatery or staying in and preparing something at the house. Fortunately for all of us we live in a community that offers the finest, freshest seafood found anywhere on this big green ball so I decided to go out to Safe Harbor in Mayport and plan the menu for a stay at home dining experience that I knew my friends would not soon forget.


Of course Mayport shrimp is always a favorite so that was first in mind as I was even driving out A1A. I knew there would be a variety of fish available so I wanted to see what was in store before choosing our main entree. When I walked into the market I was thinking of grouper because that is always my favorite, but when I saw the Mahi available I was immediately convinced that this would be the way to go.

There would be six of us at the table so I got three pounds of jumbo shrimp and a whole side of Mahi that honestly was enough to feed to ten!  I sautéed a pound and a half of shrimp in lemon, garlic and butter and did the rest in the old classic Ragtime Coconut Shrimp style. We might have gone to Ragtime, but truth be told, Ragtime doesn’t serve local Mayport shrimp so that was a deciding factor when choosing to dine in.

I grilled the side of Mahi and whipped up a mango salsa that if I may say so myself, was out of this world! Some seaweed salad topped off the plates and we all had a great time hanging out at the house talking about diving old wrecks, surfing back in the day and future plans to get together and do it again.

Why anyone would go to a restaurant that doesn’t serve local seafood, and order seafood, is a complete mystery to me. But then again, why any restaurant would serve anything other than our superb local fare is even more of a mystery. And there are more than a few places around town that choose to order farm raised seafood rather than supporting our local fisheries, but that is a whole nother story.


We all had a great time and I don’t think a better menu could have been found anywhere. When it comes to delicious, nutritious and scrumpdillyicious, local Mayport seafood is the finest way to go and I hope people will realize what a gem we have out there at the docks in Mayport. Its vital that we support local businesses and Mayport is as local as it gets!




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