Neptune Beach’s Greg Hallaman’s Going to the Super Bowl…

Neptune Beach resident Greg Hallaman is heading to the Super Bowl!  No…he’s not a super fan of either the Giants or the Patriots, but it’s definitely all about football, sports and opportunity.

Hallaman has hosted  The Greg Hallaman Show on 1010 XL radio since August, and the sports talk program will be broadcasting from “Radio Row” at the Media Center in Indianapolis Feb. 1 and 2.  Greg will join forces with 1010XL’s The Mike Dempsey Show from 1-4  pm throughout the week, as well as hosting his show in the usual Wednesday and Thursday slot from 8-9 pm.

“It’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance,” Hallaman said.  “I lived in Indianapolis for the better part of 12 years, and long before I even had my own show, I offered to help Mike when it came time for the Super Bowl.  Well–here it is, and The Greg Hallaman Show is gaining a good local audience.  I figured I had to step up and give myself and my sponsors a great platform from which to be heard.”

Is there a better platform than broadcasting live during the run-up to the SuperBowl, on-site in Indianapolis?

Approval of the media credentials did not reach Hallaman until Jan. 17, and the week of broadcasts on “Radio Row” begins January 30 for the February 5 game.  Given the circumstances, the sportscaster scrambled to add additional sponsors to The Greg Hallaman Show line-up.  A couple of full, ten-week sponsorship plans are still available, which get the Super Bowl Week at no additional charge.  Three-and-five week Super Bowl plans also provide sponsors with a chance to reach the large audience during these special broadcasts, and begin as low as $199.

“I’m proud of the association with Mike and 1010XL, and I’m honored to have the chance to represent my sponsors on the big stage.  I can still get newcomers on board for the “Radio Row” week if they reach me before Saturday the 28th.”

Greg Hallaman’s been a friend to The Beaches Online; he aired promos for this website just we were getting started.   He’s a local guy, a beaches resident, and you know how we feel about our locals, and supporting local businesses.  That’s what we’re all about on TBO.    We’ve listened to his show, and it’s good.  He knows and loves sports and his audience (like ours!) is growing.   Some of you may even know his wife, Linda Gedert of Neptune Beach, but not make the connection that her husband is a 1010XL sports broadcaster.  So we thought we’d throw that in!

Remember to tune in: the Greg Hallaman Show on 1010XL on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8-9 pm and live with Mike Dempsey Show from January 30 – February 3 from 1 – 4 pm.  And live from “Radio Row” during the week’s run-up to Super Bowl Sunday!


Hallaman can be reached at ghallaman@yahoo.com or by calling (904) 241-3996.


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