Love Luscious Long Lashes?

Well, let’s be honest.

Who doesn’t?

Lately we’ve been seeing lots of women sporting some beautiful lashes and everyone’s heard about Latisse.  But eyelash extensions had us intrigued.  When we met The Beaches Online’s newest sponsor Paradise Grooming for Men‘s owners, we couldn’t take our eyes off of theirs.  Really!  So we asked, “Tell us about your eyelashes.”  And that’s when we learned that within this awesome new spa for men in Jacksonville Beach, there’s a master hair stylist (for men and women) who is also trained in the art of eyelash extensions.

I know!  It sounds funny, doesn’t it?  Paradise Grooming for Men – a great place for women to get lash extensions?  But it’s true.  It’s so true that several of us have tried it, and loved it.  It’s so true that we just had to make this eyelash extension ‘how-to’ video just for you.  This is what it really is like to have eyelash extensions done.  We have all tried it, and loved it.  We think it’s important to carefully choose just who is going to be doing this application. It’s a precision art, as you will see.  And you don’t want just anyone gluing extensions onto your own healthy lashes. She’s received the proper training and has the credentials to perform this service.

While you will only see her in the video, pictured standing with the client for the ‘after’ shot,   Oksana is the person you want to do your lashes, and Paradise Grooming for Men is the place to have them done.

Paradise is a fantastic salon and spa that really does cater to the male client with all sorts of services, but we women do manage to find our way to the best resources in town, too!  Not only does Oksana do these fabulous lashes, she cut our hair (and our husbands’ and friends’) and you know we don’t let just anyone come near us with scissors! The salon offers a menu of services for male clients, for couples, and yes, even women can come in – but know that it’s designed to make the guys feel comfortable (just like we do) about treating themselves to the same sorts of services we’ve been indulging in for years! This place has it all – check out their website.

And now you must watch this video about eyelash extensions – and share it with your friends!  There isn’t a girl we know who isn’t curious about how the heck eyelash extensions are done, anyway.  Here you go!


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  1. Art Shmina says:

    I don’t know about long lashes for me. Now, if you ‘ re talking long hair—–well that’s another thing

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