For many people work is not much more than a means to the end. We get up, go to work and come home. Day after day. After day. We work hard so we can play hard, then events like the PLAYERS Championship come along and we take a day or two off from work so we can we can go out and watch the best golfers in the world ply their craft and we dream of hitting the ball like they do! And we go back to work so we can do it all again.

Every now and then someone finds a job that they just love, and sometimes someone simply takes the job they are able to get and makes the most it, they just find a way to make it enjoyable. That’s what “The Good Morning Guy” does. Travis Hill, Jr. is a native Texan who enlisted in the Navy and somehow made his way to Naval Station Mayport. In his free time he is working security out here at the PLAYERS Championship and he is not only making the most of it for himself, he is also bringing a smile to faces of thousands of fans.

The Good Morning Guy guards the entrance to the clubhouse down the long sidewalk between the eighteenth green and the practice area. To virtually every person that walks by Travis has a kind word to say. “Good Morning!” “Have a great day!” “Good Afternoon!” Many of the people walking by don’t even realize that he is speaking to them. Some ignore him even though they know, but most smile and wave or thank him and exchange greetings.

None of it really matters to The Good Morning Guy. He has a job to do and he is focused on doing what they pay him to do, but instead of standing in the heat all day being miserable, he has found a way to make his job not only fun, but interesting as well. And his enthusiasm spreads to many of the people he encounters as the day goes by. If you are coming out to the PLAYERS find the time to walk by and say hello back. His facial expression may not change much, but chances are he appreciates the acknowledgement!

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