There was once a time when animals that assisted the handicapped were primarily known as “Seeing Eye Dogs.” Over the past decade, in this age of political correctness, the term Seeing Eye Dog has transitioned into “Service Dog,” but the title isn’t the only change in regards to the functions they provide. Service dogs have a whole new list of responsibilities, and as The K9s for Warriors want you to know, the change is a good thing for Wounded Warriors returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

With the addition of the Military Appreciation theme implemented at The PLAYERS Championship several years ago, K9s for Warriors has gained a powerful tool in exposing their efforts to a national and international audience. All week there have been wounded veterans in attendance at the tournament, many  with their service dogs, and today was no exception.

Justin Madore and Shane Krebs, two returning veterans who were wounded in action, were having lunch at the Military Appreciation Chalet with their service dogs, Coby and Rudy. From outward appearances you might think these two strapping young men wouldn’t have a care in the world. Good looking, young and physically fit, but the toils of war have different effects on people and Justin and Shane returned from battle needing to address a whole new set of issues that plagued them.

“I have a problem just going outside and interacting with people sometimes,” Justin said. “But since I have had Coby I am finding it so much easier to talk to people and to be around people who I don’t know. I have a mobility problem since having surgery on both knees and Coby helps me walk and be stable in my movements.”

Shane is dealing with PTSD and said basically the same thing. “I need help overcoming my inability to deal with a lot of people and Rudy helps me with that. I used to have anxiety attacks very frequently, but even being around these large crowds at the TPC I have found myself really calm and able to handle it largely because of Rudy.”

K9s for Warriors is based here at the beach and has a facebook page and a website. To get more information on this organization please go to: http://www.k9sforwarriors.org/ and to: https://www.facebook.com/K9sforWarriors.

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  1. Shari Duval says:

    Thank you for taking your time and expertise to write about K9s For Warriors. You nailed the article with your accuracy, and we are grateful that more awareness can to brought to the growing problem of warriors suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder. The Birdies For The Brave Program along with the PGA Tour gives many of our warriors a “new leash on life”. Thanks again for your wonderful article.
    Shari Duval
    K9s For Warriors

  2. Shari Duval says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article about K9s For Warriors. We appreciate your covering this much needed disability of our Warriors, Post traumatic stress disorder and service dog recovery. Wonderful accurate coverage.

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